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Dubai Padel Cup

The Tournament

Dubai Padel Cup is the most exhilarating padel tournament ever seen in the UAE. 

November will be packed with three tournaments where countrywide padel players will play, connect and socialise in a competitive yet collaborative environment. 

Ready for your next challenge? 

Padel team playing in Dubai

Who should enrol? 

Dubai Padel Cup tournament is open for padel tennis players of any level.


Countrywide players will enrol in pairs to compete against other national players in the most exhilarating tournament ever seen in the UAE. 

Padel Tennis teams will compete against similar level players under the following tournament categories: 

  • Female:

    • C & C+

  • Male:

    • A & B

    • C

    • C+

Important Info

When, Where & Deadline
  • The Tournament will take place in stages per the following calendar.

    • Female: C & C+

      • Dates: 11 - 13 November 2021

      • Venue: Just Padel at Mina Rashid (ladies-only court)

      • Registration closed

    • Male: C

      • Dates: 14 - 20 November 2021

      • Venue: Zabeel Sports District

      • Registration closing on 10 Nov 2021

    • Male: C+

      • Dates: 14 - 20 November 2021

      • VenuePadel Point at Ras Al Khor court

      • Registration closing on 10 Nov 2021

    • Male: A & B+

      • Dates: 21- 27 November 2021

      • Venue: World Padel Academy

      • Registration closing on 17 Nov 2021

Tournament Structure 
  • The Tournament will follow a knockout format. Couples automatically advance to the next round based on their preliminary results.

  • The registration is now closed. 

  • The participants can register under the following categories:

    • Female: C & C+

    • Male: C

    • Male: C+

    • Male: A & B+

Padel game dubai hitting the ball